The Barons

  • 01 Mmm… Lincolnshire Baron

    William de Forz by Carolyn Short

    Mmm… Lincolnshire Baron

    “The Mmm... Lincolnshire Baron is dedicated to the excellence that is the world of Lincolnshire produce. Having enjoyed award-winning fish and chips for lunch, he's anticipating Lincolnshire sausage with mash and fresh local veg, followed by plum bread for supper. ” - Carolyn Short  More…

  • 02 Lindum Soldier

    William de Huntingfield by Deven Bhurke

    Lindum Soldier

    “The Lindum Soldier is inspired by the history of the Romans, and Lincoln's heritage as a Roman town known as ‘Lindum Colonia’. The design portrays the Roman Lincoln which grew into a large and prosperous town.” - Deven Bhurke  More…

  • 03 Steampunk Baron

    Richard de Clare & Gilbert de Clare by Lincoln Steampunks

    Steampunk Baron

    'Steampunk is fundamentally about democratisation of creativity. A baron fighting for democracy is the perfect symbol then and now. Inspired by the past but very much a contemporary value.' - John Naylor, Lincoln Steampunks  More…

  • 04 The 1960s Baron

    Robert de Vere by Rosie Ablewhite

    The 1960s Baron

    “2015 is both the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and the 50th anniversary of The Lincoln Hotel. Because of this, they have refurbished using a 60s theme with bright stylish florals and retro furniture. This baron complements both celebrations!” - Rosie Ablewhite  More…

  • 05 The Baron of Riches

    Henry de Bohun by Vanessa Glockling

    The Baron of Riches

    “My baron depicts the richness and riches of the fens. The marshes of the wash provide a habitat for birds, flora and fauna, whilst possibly hiding the valuable treasure of King John. The land also offers up its deep rich soil to allow us to grow bountiful vegetables. I liken digging up potatoes to unearthing buried treasure.” - Vanessa Glockling  More…

  • 06 Truck Driver Baron

    Roger Bigod by Carolyn Short

    Truck Driver Baron

    “Inspiration for the Truck Driver Baron comes from the contrast between medieval transportation on a local scale using horses and carts and modern day international haulage services. The design is influenced by medieval artwork, ancient maps and contemporary images.” - Carolyn Short  More…

  • 07 Wild Flower Statue Baron

    William D'Albini by Fern Lough

    Wild Flower Statue Baron

    “The baron was designed to look as though he had been standing in natural surroundings for years, showing the effect of how the plants would have adapted around him. All the flowers featured have been found growing in the wild around Lincolnshire.” - Fern Lough  More…

  • 08 Bomber Baron

    William de Mowbray by Jemima Cholmondeley-Smith

    Bomber Baron

    “Bomber Baron is a Second World War Lancaster Bomber pilot of Squadron Leader rank. Holding symbols of his aircraft he characterises the significance of Lincolnshire's military aviation history.” - Jemima Cholmondeley-Smith  More…

  • 09 An Expansive Place Baron

    Richard de Percy by Lizzy Mason

    An Expansive Place Baron

    “My design is based on the expansive nature of Lincolnshire's diverse countryside and unique beauty. Reflecting it's abundant elements that provide us with an inherent bounty of vast fertile soils, tourism, coastline, nature, places of beauty and rich heritage, that create a lush tapestry of life and art.” - Lizzy Mason  More…

  • 10 The People’s Baron

    William de Lanvallei by Cynthia Harrison

    The People’s Baron

    “The People’s Baron really is all about people, embellished with 350 miniature portraits on bottle top jewels with paper chain clothes signifying chain mail, the strength of people standing together and the single long unbroken text of the Magna Carta.” - Cynthia Harrison  More…

  • 11 Teacher Baron

    William Marshall II by Rebekah Lockely

    Teacher Baron

    A child starts the path of discovery and understanding. Every person has potential, but it is the teacher who opens the child's eyes, to realise their potential is limitless. Our future is built on the education of a child, the role of a teacher is magnificent.  More…

  • 12 Wings of an Angel

    Geoffrey de Mandeville by Louise Jardine

    Wings of an Angel

    “The rich tapestry of the windows in Lincoln's Cathedral inspired my Wings of an Angel Baron. The way the light dances around and bounces off the various surfaces all influenced my design; along with the Cathedral's many hidden secrets.” - Louise Jardine  More…

  • 13 Freeman Baron

    John de Lacy by Leah Goldberg

    Freeman Baron

    “Inspired by Henry Ruddock, who is a Freeman of the city of Lincoln, this was an interesting brief to follow. The addition of Lincoln's historical Stonebow featuring on the back, a striking symbol of Lincoln.” - Leah Goldberg  More…

  • 14 Baron Mayor of Lincoln

    William Hardel by Leah Goldberg

    Baron Mayor of Lincoln

    “Firstly the historical importance of such an ancient office representing our lovely city is inspiring but mostly, for an artist/illustrator, the bold contrasting colours of the Mayor’s robes proved irresistible.” - Leah Goldberg  More…

  • 15 The Graduate Baron

    Hugh Bigod by Rosie Ablewhite

    The Graduate Baron

    “Having studied both at college and university here in Lincoln, I drew upon my personal experiences on studying and graduating in the city.” - Rosie Ablewhite  More…

  • 16 Anything Goes Baron

    John Fitzrobert by Anna Carter

    Anything Goes Baron

    “I believe the Anything Goes Baron is a wild card. He’s quirky and full of character! I was inspired to do a funky design by today’s trends: bright, bold and beautiful.” - Anna Carter  More…

  • 17 Station Master Baron

    Geoffrey de Say by Peter Annable

    Station Master Baron

    “The baron is wearing a stylised station masters uniform, with various railway memorabilia around the base: including signals, timetables, and various images from the past. On the baron's back is an impressionistic image of a steam locomotive crossing the bridge at Brayford Pool in the 1960's, with the Cathedral standing proudly on the skyline.” - Peter Annable  More…

  • 18 Proud to be a Yellowbelly

    Gilbert de Clare by Ruth Pigott

    Proud to be a Yellowbelly

    “Inspired by Lincolnshire pride, a 'Yellow Belly' is the term given to someone born and bred in Lincolnshire. However if you ask a Yellow Belly where the term came from, you could get several different answers!” - Ruth Pigott  More…

  • 19 The Beekeeper Baron

    Robert de Ros by Susan Webber

    The Beekeeper Baron

    “The Beekeeper Baron is inspired by my love of drawing and painting bees. Decorated on his back is a monastic scene of a monk attending his straw hives (skeps). These images were inspired by medieval illuminated manuscripts; on the sides and front of the baron are today's hives. He wears a white suit, carries a hive tool instead of a sword, and the 'shield' is appropriately decorated with a copper smoker.” - Susan Webber  More…

  • 20 Young Baron

    Richard de Montfichet by Richard Knight

    Young Baron

    “Sporting the grand spiral of Pere Ubu and the street style of graffiti art, this baron features young peoples 'voices' in their positive feedback responses to the sponsor's program. The themes of self-determination, personal freedom and independence echo the tenets of Magna Carta” - Richard Knight  More…

  • 21 Construction Baron

    Eustace de Vesci by Peter Segasby

    Construction Baron

    “Lincoln City has some of the greatest and most picturesque places and buildings in the world, enjoys a rich agricultural heritage, and a diverse landscape. Peter’s design peels back the many layers of what Lincoln actually represents and discovers how precious it is.” - Peter Segasby  More…

  • 22 Lincolnshire Waterways Baron

    Roger de Montbegon by Melanie Clare Canal Artist

    Lincolnshire Waterways Baron

    “As a waterways artist I felt that a 'Waterways Baron' would be a good way to remind people of the county's waterways heritage, and the potential importance that our canal and river routes offer to the future of Lincolnshire tourism.” - Melanie Clare  More…

  • 23 Red Arrows Baron

    Robert Fitzwalter by Ruth Pigott

    Red Arrows Baron

    “The design is inspired by the wonderful new tail fin design featuring the Union Jack flag, that the Red Arrows have just unveiled on their famous jets. It represents Lincolnshire pride of having the Red Arrows based in the County. The baron has been painted with nominated young people from Lincoln. Thanks go to Hannah, Maisie, Abbie, Lucy, Talia, Sophie, Becci, Jake and Shaeleigh who have done an exceptional job. Well done to a great team.” - Ruth Pigott  More…

  • 24 Sir Walter Style

    William Malet by Mel Langton

    Sir Walter Style

    Baron Walter Style is the vision of local artist Mel Langton, whose design incorporates bright colours and a theme of ‘fashion through the ages’. Walter was named by a Waterside shopper and boasts an array of eye-catching clothes and accessories!  More…

  • 25 Baron of The Crystal Hues

    Saer de Quincy by Lesley Ann Withers

    Baron of The Crystal Hues

    “My design was inspired by the stained glass windows in Lincoln Cathedral, with the intense colours of glass contrasting with the dark tracery. Sponsored by Humberside airport, my design pays tribute to 166 Squadron based at RAF Kirmington in WW2.” - Lesley Ann Withers  More…