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“My design is based on the expansive nature of Lincolnshire's diverse countryside and unique beauty. Reflecting it's abundant elements that provide us with an inherent bounty of vast fertile soils, tourism, coastline, nature, places of beauty and rich heritage, that create a lush tapestry of life and art.” - Lizzy Mason

Richard de Percy

Richard de Percy

Richard de Percy was a member of the powerful Percy family from the north of England. He joined the revolt against King John after Magna Carta and had all his lands confiscated, but he got them all back after making peace with King Henry III after the death of King John. He died in 1244 and was buried in Whitby Abbey.

By Lizzy Mason

Life is art, an expression of the joy of life through our connection to source, light, love, a higher self. An abundant well of ever flowing loving source of power and self realisations of our true self, an inner light capable of infinite expressions of life.