14 Baron Mayor of Lincoln

“Firstly the historical importance of such an ancient office representing our lovely city is inspiring but mostly, for an artist/illustrator, the bold contrasting colours of the Mayor’s robes proved irresistible.” - Leah Goldberg

William Hardel

William Hardel

William Hardel was, unlike the barons, part of Magna Carta because he was Lord Mayor of London, where a lot of the opposition to King John came from. The barons used London to try to get King John to do the things he had agreed in Magna Carta. William and his fellow merchants stayed on the rebel side, even raising money which they gave to the French king when he arrived in London. After the battles following the death of King John, they returned to the royalist side.

By Leah Goldberg

Leah Goldberg works in gouache and acrylic paint. Gathering inspiration from nature she enjoys the challenge of working to a brief or commission and the freedom of designing personal paintings from imagination.