08 Bomber Baron

“Bomber Baron is a Second World War Lancaster Bomber pilot of Squadron Leader rank. Holding symbols of his aircraft he characterises the significance of Lincolnshire's military aviation history.” - Jemima Cholmondeley-Smith

William de Mowbray

William de Mowbray

William de Mowbray was an English noble. He was described as being as small as a dwarf but very generous and valiant. He supported the French king in the Barons’ War and was taken prisoner at the Battle of Lincoln. He died in 1224 and was buried at Axholme Abbey in Lincolnshire.

By Jemima Cholmondeley-Smith

Jemima practices figurative drawing and painting, and takes inspiration from the people around her, as well as significant historical and contemporary personalities. Through studying First and Second World War art, Jemima developed a keen interest in military history and her work continues to be influenced by this.