22 Lincolnshire Waterways Baron

“As a waterways artist I felt that a 'Waterways Baron' would be a good way to remind people of the county's waterways heritage, and the potential importance that our canal and river routes offer to the future of Lincolnshire tourism.” - Melanie Clare

Roger de Montbegon

Roger de Montbegon

Roger de Montbegon was Lord of Hornby Castle in Lancashire. He was one of the barons who refused to pay King John in lieu of fighting in France. Although he was on the side of the French king, when the French invaded, he avoided going in to battle and made his peace with Henry III in 1217.

By Melanie Clare Canal Artist

Melanie Clare is a Lincolnshire based journeyman painter with The Waterways Craft Guild.  Working to maintain the tradition of canal art on and around the waterways, Melanie adheres to the colours and motifs of this unique art form; specialising in decorative doors, panels and ancillary objects for boats and homes.