02 Lindum Soldier

“The Lindum Soldier is inspired by the history of the Romans, and Lincoln's heritage as a Roman town known as ‘Lindum Colonia’. The design portrays the Roman Lincoln which grew into a large and prosperous town.” - Deven Bhurke

William de Huntingfield

William de Huntingfield

William of Huntingfield was High Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk. In the First Barons' War he was an active rebel against King John and one of the twenty-five chosen to oversee the observance of the resulting Magna Carta. He subsequently supported the French invasion of England, and took part in the Fifth Crusade, where he died in 1219.

By Deven Bhurke

Deven Bhurke is a professional artist and graphic designer with a versatile style, based in Hampshire. He has previously been involved in various Wild in Art projects, including Go!Rhinos Southampton 2013, BooksAboutTown London 2014, Year of the Bus London and Croydon, GoGoDragons Norwich 2015, and The BigHoot Birmingham 2015.