01 Mmm… Lincolnshire Baron

“The Mmm... Lincolnshire Baron is dedicated to the excellence that is the world of Lincolnshire produce. Having enjoyed award-winning fish and chips for lunch, he's anticipating Lincolnshire sausage with mash and fresh local veg, followed by plum bread for supper. ” - Carolyn Short

William de Forz

William de Forz

William de Forz, Earl of Albemarle, was the only baron to side with King John after the king rejected Magna Carta. He fought against Henry III and at one point was excommunicated. He later became loyal and was an ambassador for the king. He died at sea on his way to the crusades in the Holy Land in 1242.

By Carolyn Short

Carolyn graduated from De Montfort University, Lincoln in 2000 with a BA (hons) in Illustration. Since graduating she has worked as a community artist working with schools and local art providers.  Her work is mainly 3D mixed media based.  She lives in Stallingborough near Grimsby with her guinea pig Alphonso.