24 Sir Walter Style

Baron Walter Style is the vision of local artist Mel Langton, whose design incorporates bright colours and a theme of ‘fashion through the ages’. Walter was named by a Waterside shopper and boasts an array of eye-catching clothes and accessories!

William Malet

William Malet

William Malet was a feudal baron of Curry Mallet in Somerset. He was Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset in 1209. He married twice but left no male heir, only three daughters and co-heiresses. He was one of the barons who owed a lot of money to King John and he died only a few months after Magna Carta – in December 2015.

By Mel Langton

Mel Langton is a Lincolnshire based designer and illustrator who loves digital design, but has an equal passion for a paintbrush and pen. Mel produces a variety of work including painted canvasses, posters, t-shirt designs and limited edition prints, all in her own graphic, edgy and alternative illustrative style.