03 Steampunk Baron

'Steampunk is fundamentally about democratisation of creativity. A baron fighting for democracy is the perfect symbol then and now. Inspired by the past but very much a contemporary value.' - John Naylor, Lincoln Steampunks

Richard de Clare & Gilbert de Clare

Richard de Clare & Gilbert de Clare

Richard de Clare 3rd Earl of Hertford sided with the barons, although he had made peace with the king and his castle of Tonbridge was taken. He married Amice Fitzwilliam and had three children. He and his son were excommunicated by the pope in 1215 and he died in 1217 in Oxfordshire.

By Lincoln Steampunks

Lincoln Steampunks are proud to paint and sponsor a baron. They saw this as a fantastic opportunity that would enable them to be both part of the Magna Carta celebrations and give back to the city, as Lincoln is the world home of Steampunk.