11 Teacher Baron

A child starts the path of discovery and understanding. Every person has potential, but it is the teacher who opens the child's eyes, to realise their potential is limitless. Our future is built on the education of a child, the role of a teacher is magnificent.

William Marshall II

William Marshall II

William Marshall II was the son of the legendary William Marshall who served all the kings in John’s family, from Henry II to Henry III. From the age of 15 until he was 22 William was effectively a hostage at the court of King John, to guarantee his father’s loyalty. He fought on the side of the French in the first Barons’ War but re-joined the Royalist side and fought alongside his father at the Battle of Lincoln in 1217. He died, with no male heirs in 1231 and was buried in the Temple Church in London.

By Rebekah Lockely

Rebekah Lockley graduated from Falmouth University in 2013 and has since set up and runs her own ceramic studio called RubyRebekah Ceramics.