04 The 1960s Baron

“2015 is both the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and the 50th anniversary of The Lincoln Hotel. Because of this, they have refurbished using a 60s theme with bright stylish florals and retro furniture. This baron complements both celebrations!” - Rosie Ablewhite

Robert de Vere

Robert de Vere

Robert de Vere was the 3rd Earl of Oxford. Together with other Magna Carta barons he was excommunicated as a rebel by Pope Innocent III on 16 December 1215, and joined them in offering the crown to Prince Louis of France. Oxford became loyal to the crown after the death of King John in 1216 and later served as a king's justice in 1220-21. He died in 1221 and was buried at Hatfield Regis Priory.

By Rosie Ablewhite

Rosie Ablewhite is an artist currently living and working in her studio in Lincoln, after graduating here in 2010. Her work has been on display in The Usher Gallery and Lincoln Art Works. She works predominantly in graphite and acrylic on a variety of subjects.