19 The Beekeeper Baron

“The Beekeeper Baron is inspired by my love of drawing and painting bees. Decorated on his back is a monastic scene of a monk attending his straw hives (skeps). These images were inspired by medieval illuminated manuscripts; on the sides and front of the baron are today's hives. He wears a white suit, carries a hive tool instead of a sword, and the 'shield' is appropriately decorated with a copper smoker.” - Susan Webber

Robert de Ros

Robert de Ros

Robert de Ros was Lord of Hemsley Castle, which he built, and Sheriff of Cumberland. He died in 1227 and was buried in a magnificent tomb in the Temple Church in London.

By Susan Webber

Susan has studied BA (hons) Illustration at the University of the West of England, and after graduating achieved a gold award from the Association of Illustrators for New Talent. Susan is a versatile artist and puts her skill of storytelling and attention to detail into many projects. Her favourite medium is acrylic and she loves drawing.