15 The Graduate Baron

“Having studied both at college and university here in Lincoln, I drew upon my personal experiences on studying and graduating in the city.” - Rosie Ablewhite

Hugh Bigod

Hugh Bigod

Hugh Bigod 3rd Earl of Norfolk, and son of another baron, Roger Bigod. He married Maud Marshall and had 4-5 children with her. He was excommunicated with his father in 1215. He succeeded to his father’s estates in 1221.Hugh died on 18 Feb 1225. Very soon after Hugh's death, his widow Maud re-married.

By Rosie Ablewhite

Rosie Ablewhite is an artist living and working in her studio in Lincoln after graduating here in 2010. Her chosen medium is predominantly acrylic and her subjects greatly vary, producing a diverse body of work.