10 The People’s Baron

“The People’s Baron really is all about people, embellished with 350 miniature portraits on bottle top jewels with paper chain clothes signifying chain mail, the strength of people standing together and the single long unbroken text of the Magna Carta.” - Cynthia Harrison

William de Lanvallei

William de Lanvallei

William de Lanvallei was an English landowner and governor of Colchester Castle. He was also Lord of Walkern. William went with King John on his expedition to Poitou in 1214 and was present at the truce. William was related to several of the Magna Carta barons and died in 1217.

By Cynthia Harrison

Cynthia Harrison, artist, curator and designer investigates the human condition; people, their emotions, relationships and what lies under the surface. She records her findings through a variety of media with drawing at the core. “My aim is to encourage a visceral reaction to the emotion invested in the work.”