06 Truck Driver Baron

“Inspiration for the Truck Driver Baron comes from the contrast between medieval transportation on a local scale using horses and carts and modern day international haulage services. The design is influenced by medieval artwork, ancient maps and contemporary images.” - Carolyn Short

Roger Bigod

Roger Bigod

Roger Bigod was the 2nd Earl of Norfolk and his second wife was Ida de Tosney, with whom he had at least six children. For most of King John’s reign, the earl was with the king or on royal business but Roger became one of the leaders of the barons; his son and heir was another. The pair were excommunicated by the pope in December 1215, and did not make peace with Henry III until 1217. He died in 1221.

By Carolyn Short

Carolyn graduated from De Montfort University, Lincoln in 2000 with a BA (hons) in Illustration. Since graduating she has worked as a community artist working with schools and local art providers.  Her work is mainly 3D mixed media based.  She lives in Stallingborough near Grimsby with her guinea pig Alphonso.