07 Wild Flower Statue Baron

“The baron was designed to look as though he had been standing in natural surroundings for years, showing the effect of how the plants would have adapted around him. All the flowers featured have been found growing in the wild around Lincolnshire.” - Fern Lough

William D'Albini

William D'Albini

William d'Albini was Lord of Belvoir and built Belvoir Castle. He was a prominent member of the rebel barons against King John. He stayed neutral at the beginning of the troubles of King John's reign, only joining the rebels after in 1215. In the war that followed the sealing of the charter, he held Rochester Castle for the barons, and was imprisoned (and nearly hanged) after John captured it. He became a loyalist on the accession of Henry III. William died on 1 May 1236 at his manor of Uffington, near Stamford.

By Fern Lough

Fern is a Culinary Arts Management graduate, working as a chef and studying her masters. Art has always been her passion and prominent in all aspects of her life. Fern's work is influenced by the anatomy and natural surroundings, which she expresses using various mediums and forms, favouring sculpture and murals.