12 Wings of an Angel

“The rich tapestry of the windows in Lincoln's Cathedral inspired my Wings of an Angel Baron. The way the light dances around and bounces off the various surfaces all influenced my design; along with the Cathedral's many hidden secrets.” - Louise Jardine

Geoffrey de Mandeville

Geoffrey de Mandeville

Geoffrey de Mandeville was 2nd Earl of Essex and 4th Earl of Gloucester. His first wife died childless. He married Isabel of Gloucester after her marriage to King John was annulled and had to pay the king a huge sum of money for the privilege. He died from an accident whilst participating in a tournament with a French knight in London in February 1216. He was buried in Holy Trinity Priory, London and was succeeded by his brother.

By Louise Jardine

The work of Lou Jardine does not always represent external reality; but aims to create a sense of reality through the use of shape, form and structure.