“As a waterways artist I felt that a ‘Waterways Baron’ would be a good way to remind people of the county’s waterways heritage, and the potential importance that our canal and river routes offer to the future of Lincolnshire tourism.” – Melanie Clare

By Melanie Clare Canal Artist

Melanie Clare is a Lincolnshire based journeyman painter with The Waterways Craft Guild.  Working to maintain the tradition of canal art on and around the waterways, Melanie adheres to the colours and motifs of this unique art form; specialising in decorative doors, panels and ancillary objects for boats and homes.

Sponsored by The BITC Healthy High Streets Campaign: including Marks & Spencers, Boots, Linconshire Cooperative, and Santander

Marks & Spencer PLC, Santander, Boots, and the Lincolnshire Cooperative, are a group of businesses who are involved in The BITC Healthy High Streets Campaign, supporting Lincoln BIG on the Local Agenda. We chose to sponsor a baron as we are working together on city issues and supported the Community Link regarding The Trusell Trust.

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