“The baron is wearing a stylised station masters uniform, with various railway memorabilia around the base: including signals, timetables, and various images from the past. On the baron’s back is an impressionistic image of a steam locomotive crossing the bridge at Brayford Pool in the 1960’s, with the Cathedral standing proudly on the skyline.” – Peter Annable

Geoffrey de Say
Geoffrey de Say
Geoffrey de Say was a cousin of another baron, Geoffrey de Mandeville, but they were also rivals for the family inheritance. They both had a claim on the lands of William de Mandeville. He sided with the French and their king after Magna Carta and only reverted to the Royalist cause after the heavy defeat in Lincoln. In 1219 he went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and died in 1230 on a campaign with Henry III.

By Peter Annable

An artist, illustrator, and art tutor. I enjoy painting most subjects, including portraits, landscapes and animals, and as a full member of the Guild of Railway Artists, railways. I have recently written, illustrated, and self published a children’s book: ‘Durdle The Dragon’. 

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