“The Beekeeper Baron is inspired by my love of drawing and painting bees. Decorated on his back is a monastic scene of a monk attending his straw hives (skeps). These images were inspired by medieval illuminated manuscripts; on the sides and front of the baron are today’s hives. He wears a white suit, carries a hive tool instead of a sword, and the ‘shield’ is appropriately decorated with a copper smoker.” – Susan Webber

By Susan Webber

Susan has studied BA (hons) Illustration at the University of the West of England, and after graduating achieved a gold award from the Association of Illustrators for New Talent. Susan is a versatile artist and puts her skill of storytelling and attention to detail into many projects. Her favourite medium is acrylic and she loves drawing. 

Sponsored by E H Thorne (Beehives) Ltd

Founded in 1913, we are the UK’s leading manufacturer and exporter of beekeeping and candle-making equipment with a worldwide reputation for quality and service, employing over 100 people at four locations.

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