Young Baron

“Sporting the grand spiral of Pere Ubu and the street style of graffiti art, this baron features young peoples ‘voices’ in their positive feedback responses to the sponsor’s program. The themes of self-determination, personal freedom and independence echo the tenets of Magna Carta” – Richard Knight

Richard de Montfichet
Richard de Montfichet
Richard de Montfichet was a prominent member of the twenty-five barons and was ex-communicated by the pope in 1216. He supported Louis VIII of France both before and after John’s death, and fighting at Lincoln against William Marshal on 20 May 1217 was then taken prisoner. He returned to loyalty, and recovered his lands in the following October. He died in 1268 and he was the last survivor of the twenty-five; his age probably prevented his taking any part in the later Barons’ War, which he outlived.

By Richard Knight

Richard Knight, a graduate of Leeds and St Martins, London, has worked for over twenty years in community arts, particularly with youth groups in Lincolnshire. Richard is a writer and teacher, specialising in Film Studies. His painting combines the gritty edge of the street with a painterly aesthetic. 

Sponsored by The EBP

The EBP is a Social Enterprise developing the skills of young people. We are proudly changing lives and inspiring the next generation of citizens and employees through programmes like NCS, work experience and STEM.

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